November 29, 2011

Depressing Post, Sorry.

I miss my best friends.
Kimberly Lindsay had to move back to Flint. Worst day ever. She didn't even get to say bye. She says we never say bye, it's only a "see you later". Still, it sucks. She lived here for a good 3 months and I took seeing her all the time for granted. Now I need her and she's all the way in the 810.. Not fair. I just wanna cuddle and watch movies with my little nugget whenever I want. Now I can't. I need to see her really soon or I just might die, for real.
Cassidy Amy is livin it up in ooota, but it's time for her to come visit. It's been a reallllllly super duper long five whole months. I'm having HB withdrawls.. It's serious stuff. She needs to come up here so we can go get bellavinos and drive around and mess up our hair like usual. Like, 25 more days or something like that. It better go fast!

I fractured my nose. It hurts a  lot. If I get it hit one more time, it will most likely break and then I'll have to wear a mask when I play. Embarrassing much? Gosh. Looooove my life.

Pointless post. Just venting is all.

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