November 29, 2011

Age-old Question.


My opinion? Hell tha frick ya. I'm best friends with two of mine. Like, best friends. But one of those relationships is getting a little complicated. Yes, we both still have feelings for each other. No, they are not as strong as before. We sort of gave it another mini-try and it didn't go too poorly. But I think we both know that it probably won't work again. My life motto? If it didn't work the first time, It probably won't work the second, third or fourth time. So I think I have to follow my motto here. The tricky part is finding that good spot  in the relationship where you can be friends with a little bit of feelings on the side. Our relationship is definitely in the grey area, but we're slowly but surely figure it out. Not saying it's going to be easy by any means. Once we figure it out, I'll be in friendship bliss. We'll see.

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