February 21, 2011

A sense of clean.

You know when you clean your room or the house and you just feel 1746237 times better? Yup, that's me right now. My room is clean, my living room is clean, my bathroom's clean, the bar is clean, everything is clean. I even organized everything and threw away sooo much stuff. Stuff from old boyfriends and old friends I don't need to be reminded of anymore. It just makes me feel goooood. Spring cleaning in the dead of winter anyone?

Anywho, it's Monday and we all know what that means.. Pretty Little Liars. My obsession with this show is growing immensly after every new episode. It makes my Monday nights to watch it wif my sissys whom I love. Another obsession of mine that I neeeed tonight? Shamrock Shakes. Literally the only good part of this forsaken winter weather. My sister and I get one like once every other day.. I did tell you I was just a little obsessed. I'm going to get one right after I watch my little brother play lacrosse. Yup, I said it.. My little bro turning into a lax bro? I have my doubts but I am so excited to go watch my wittle stud :)

PLL + Shamrock Shakes + Lax
= One good Monday.
P.S. modcloth.com is my new obsession today. Check it out.

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