February 24, 2011

Meet my HB yo.

Ever have those days where you think a lot about the people you miss? Today is definitely one of those days.

At this moment.. I am missing my Hose Buddy. Yes, my HB.
Cassidy Amy VanSolkema. 
She is my 4th sister, my best fraaand. She lives all the way in fricken Utah. Like what the frick? Cass and my little sister were the best of friends in like 8th grade. Then shit hit the fan and they weren't friends anymore. But you best believe I still talked to Cass like errrday. We snuck around my house so my sister wouldn't see her when she came to hang out with me and Meg.. It was quite intense. I mean, we still have to sneak her around when she comes to visit, hiding her in our room and in the shower going all out.Worth it? You better believe it. I loooove when she comes to visit.. It's like Christmas in July.
Why do I love her so you ask? She is wise beyond her years. She might be 2 years younger than me but I can go talk to her about anything and she will give me the perfect advice. She has always been there for me no matter what crap I'm going through. All of my family issues and my guy issues.. I go straight to Cass and tell her what's going on and no matter what I blab about, she will listen. She's the most genuine person you will ever meet in your entire life, no joke. We always do stupid stuff when we're together.. Coloring our hair all diffferent colors, piercing stuff, water fights, hitting up hot topic, getting slurpees, going to taco bell at 1:30, letting her drive, you name it. We have fun always. She has her fair share of haters (who are completly judgemental and hypocritical and just straight up stupid) but whatever those idiots have to say, she stays strong and shakes it off and I look up to her for that. She is so strong and has been through so much. She's my inspiration. I love her so much and even if she lives 1,500 miles away, she will always be a part of my life. I love you CAV.
She's pretty awesome as you can tell. Check her out for yourself.

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