February 20, 2011


Wanna get to know me better? Here are some helpful hints.
Some people might call them quirks or fun facts. They are what make me, me. If you don't agree with them or judge me  because of them, tough cookies.

-I am not that girly girl. I love sports and would much rather watch a sporting event than watch grey's anatomy or attend a sporting event than go clubbing or shopping or whatever girly girls do in their spare time.
- I am a grammer nazi. If someone misuses their, they're and there or your and you're or to and too, etc. I wig out. It bothers me to no end.. I mean how long have you been in school? Get it right people. The worst though is when people say good instead of well. Biggest pet peeve ever, no joke.
Example: They didn't play very good today. <--- WRONG. They didn't play very well today. <--- RIGHT.
- I listen to every type of music imaginable. I go through phases with it too. Like lately, I am listening to a lot of Mac Miller and old school DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. Tomorrow, I might be listening to Kid Rock or Darius.. Phases I'm telling you. No matter the mood, music is incredibly important to me. I listen to it non-stop no matter what I'm doing and download about 5 songs a day on the reg.
- My nails always have to be painted no matter what.. It's just the way it is. They are a different color every other day because of my A.D.D.-ness with color. My friend Mackenzie (He's a boy with a girl name, which I love) asked me the other day if my nails are ever a normal color or if they are always crazy. Answer: always crazy. Like today, they are bright blue with zebra print on my middle finger. They are never the same and they will never ever ever be pink, ever.
- I despise the color pink. I don't know if it is because of the representation of girly-ness or just the color in general.. I just hate it. I will never wear it and it will never be on my nails or anything. I avoid it at all costs.. Simple as that.
- I need to be wearing jewlery at all times or else I just feel straight up naked. It consists of: 4 rings, friendship bracelets, silly bandz of course, a multiple sclerosis orange band, my lacrosse string and my sisters/cross/grandma's old necklace. I wear it all at all times. I also have my ears pierced 7 times. My dad does not approve but little does he know it is soon to be 8 times. Shhh.
- I am full of weird phrases that I say. This inclues but isn't limited to "Amen to that", "Oh my lant", "You don't have to tell me twice", "Did I stutter?", "Weeerd", "Oh my heavens" and many more. Don't ask me why.. It just comes out naturally. I also say my O's wierd.. Like when I say Connor or Colin or Hospital. People think it's weird, but it's not my fault. That's just what comes out when I  talk.
- I love to be creative, but kind of hide this fact. Most people wouldn't expect this from me. I secretly aspire to be an interior designer when I am older and to be a photographer. I love to blog and follow blogs. I love love love taking pictures. I love to read and write stories. I love to doodle, even though I can not draw but attempt to anyway. I love to make collages. I love to create room designs and wall designs. I'm always thinking about pictures and what angles I'd shoot things at even with my lack of camera to date. My family doesn't have a clue.
- It's a bad habit, but I am on my phone a whole lot. I talk to my best friend Kim on the phone for probably 2 hours or more everyday and text people. It's not that I'm obsessed with my phone by any means, I just end up using it a lot.
- I have janky taste buds. I love fried pickles, turkey sandwiches, hamburgers, doritos with taco bell mild sauce on them, onions, garlic, all those weird foods. I drink gatorade every day and love sweet tea and shamrock shakes from mcdonalds. I can not stand shrimp. The texture is just too much. I have a huge sweet tooth and milk duds, junior mints, sour patch kids, charleston chews and caramel are my weaknesses. I'm just weird that way.
- I'm excited to find "the one" and have 2 kids (a boy then a girl) and buy a cute little house together so I can design the whole thing. I don't know what I want to do with my life, but I do know that much.
- I always say I wish I had an older brother. I wish I had more guidence in my life when it comes to guys and someone to help me out in that category besides my frightening dad. I wish I had someone to get me flowers on valentine's day when I didn't have a valentine of my own. I wish I had a guy to hang out with at all times and someone to play basketball and football with and someone to toughen me up. I do have cousins that somewhat fill this position, but it's not the same. It's only a wish, never reality.
-I'm obsessed with quotes and song lyrics and graphics. I look at them and read them alll day every day. Don't ask me why, it's just something I enjoy. I guessss I like to apply them to my life and other's lives, but not in a creepy way.

There are many more weird facts and quirks I have, But i'll just share these few.
shouldn't we hold out for the person
who doesn't just tolerate our little quirks,
but actually kinda likes them?


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