March 6, 2011


This week, I realized how much I take my life for granted. I realized how much I take my ability to play sports for granted. This week, I've prayed more than I think I've ever prayed in my entire life.

Earlier this week, A 16-year-old from Fennville, MI named Wes Leonard made a game winning buzzer-beater to win his team's season finale before district playoffs started. This should've been one of the most exciting times in his very short but eventful sports career at Fennville. Mearly 4 minutes after the buzzer beater, Wes Leonard collapsed amongst all of the celebratory fans. Leonard suffered from an enlarged heart. His team was now 20-0, but this was now irrelavent. Wes was a standout athlete and liked by everyone at his school. He will be missed my many.

I didn't know Wes personally, but this story still makes me cry everytime. He was a great athlete and kid who didn't deserve to have his life taken so early. He had so much potential and so much ahead of him, but we won't get to see that. It doesn't seem fair. This has put so much into perspective for me. I have learned to not take my ability to play sports and my life for granted like I have been my whole life. I have shared this with my sisters, brother and cousins today because it is very important to me. Don't take life for granted because it could be gone in a blink of an eye.

Rest in peace Wes. My prayers go out to you, your family, your girlfriend, your teammates and your town. You're in everyone's prayers. Good luck to Fennville tomorrow night in their first district game. There will be an angel on the sidelines with you guys. R.I.P. #35

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