January 18, 2011

The People Who Gave Me Liiiife.

Also known as my parents; rents; best friends.
me = teenage girl. cliche = i hate my parents. truth = they are my whole world.

So we'll set things straight first. My parents are divorced. No one ever believes it since they are always together and everything.. but they reallly are. This series of unfortunate events occurred during the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year. The rents sat my two sisters and I down and told us the news but we didn't believe them. If you knew my parents, you wouldn't believe it either. But they weren't shittin with us. So after 13 years of marriage.. my dad moved out and moved in to a house merely 3 miles away. They were college sweethearts.. My mom was a year older and was my dad's RA his freshman year. Scandalous. For the record, my parents are still best friends and most people don't understand how this is possible, but I love it. I still have both of them in my life at all times and get the best of both worlds. (hannah montana reference what up)
Everywhere I go, I hear how hot my parents are. Doesn't bother me.. I just say "well duh, I know that".

mom: kathleen roberta
born to: georgine and james

- My mother is seriously my best friend. She is a teacher and teaches at the school I went to. Most kids would hate this, but I loved visiting her in her classroom everyday to chat during classes I didn't want to be in. She is one of eight kids so she knows her stuff about family. I can talk to her about anythinggg and usually do even if she doesn't want to hear it. She's been through a lot lately and she's stayed strong throughout everything. This is why she is my hero and my inspiration. My mother is a beautiful woman who definitely knows how to have fun and is surprisingly hip, even though I would never tell her that.

pops: robert taylor
born to: margaret and michael

- My dad has taught me everything I know about basketball. I've been playing ever since I was four. He has been a big part of who I am today and what I want to do when I grown up. He was a stud way back when with his mullet and one gold earring playing football in college and played in the pros until my sister and I came around. Now he a family man and coaches every single team my siblings and I have ever been on. He knows what's up and always knows when I'm trying to pull one on him. Sometimes he's a little uptight but it comes with the territory of being a (kind of) single dad to four girls and a little boy. My dad is a Guido-looking dude who cares about everyone he knows and is the biggest people person you will ever meet. He's pretty hip too.. but I wouldn't tell him that either.

I have such a good relationship with my parents and I am so thankful for that. We have our fights and everything, but I really wouldn't trade it for anything ever. I love them both sooo much (most of the time).

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