January 20, 2011

The Lucky Ones.

I'm 1 of 5. My parents are total nut cases right?
Well, in my opinion, 5 is the perfect number. They couldn't stop until they got their boy.. He was lucky #5. So here we all are.

The Oldest
Katelyn Marie & Meghan Mary
That's me. Older than my sister by 8 whole minutes. I take my role as the oldest and accept it. I am like the mom of us kids and it is surprisingly fun. My daily duties include: helping with homework, driving to practice, making meals and lunches, cleaning up and being motherly. Sometimes the other kids get on my last nerve driving me to insanity but they are seriously my best friends. As I said before, we are all very super duper close which is the best thing everrrrrr.
I'll include my twin as the oldest too. Only 8 minutes younger, but we'll let it slide. She has all the same duties as me being the second oldest.. mostly being a flippin taxi service. It's fun though. We both babysit like it's our job.. Pros. That comes with the territory of being the oldest. Speaking for her, we wouldn't change it though.. Even when we want to pull our hair out of our heads. Our different color hair might I add.. She dyes her hair (faker). She says she does it "to look different than me" which I don't mind one bit! We still look plenty alike. She's my best fraaand, but you will hear much more about her later. She'll get her own post.

The Middle Child
Allison Kathleen
Ever heard of middle child syndrome? Where they think they are the most important child in the family and need the most attention because of the fact that they are the middle child? Well Allie has a bad case of middle child syndrome.. A realllly awful case. We call her the "Golden Child" cause that's what she thinks she is.. The shit. We also call her "Princess" too cause she thinks she is one and because of her obsession with Disney princesses.. Preferably Ariel. She can be the biggest selfish brat in the entire world.. But sometimes she isn't half bad. Me, Meg and Al are way tight. We share everything  and hang out on the regular. Allie really isn't that bad when she's not acting like she's the best thing in the world. She's the shiiiit at volleyball (i taught her everything she knows, of course). We all want her to play in college, but she's only a wittle Junior so we'll see. At the end of the day, I can say all of these things about Gator, but I really do love her.. Most of the time.

The Babies
Julia Taylor & Taylor James
Everyone calls them the babies.. So I'm assuming you're thinking small little children. They're really 11 and almost 10, but they will always be called the babies even when they're 18 years old.. Just the way it was and always shall be. Both of them are my little best friends. They both act waaaay older than they actually are.. Probably because of the help of their awesome older sisters. My sister is at that age where she's becoming a snot and talking back to me and my parents. She's getting tooo old. She always wants to hang out with my sisters and I and I will admit that we are not the nicest to her, but she's turning into quite the young lady. J is so creative all the time and is so curious about everything. She has all these boys at school and already has friend drama. I really  can't wait to see her grow up and see everything she accomplishes.
My brother knows all of the words to every song ever I swear. He's my dude.. My favorite person ever. I play video games with him, watch his favorite shows with him, hang out with him, play basketball with him, everything. He constantly asks questions and knows everything about every sports team.. he's like an encyclopedia. I don't want him to ever grow up.. I want him to stay 10 forever. But I guess he has to grow up at some point and he's going to be such a stud/ladies man when he's older.

We're tight yo fo sho. We'll be best friends forever and always. I'm super glad we aren't those siblings who fight constantly. We're the few.. The lucky ones.

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