January 27, 2011

My Number One.

My #1 = My Best Friend
So I've been talking to my best friend alll night and it has inspired me to tell everyone about her.

Name: Kimberly Lindsay King
Age: 18

I don't even know where to begin. I met my best friend on a friday night at the beginning of the school year (through some douche, but we won't get into that right now). So if you think about it, we've only known each other for about 5 months. "Isn't that a little too soon to be calling someone your best friend?" We get that all the time. But honestly, we are like the same person. We don't really have the same backgrounds, but we have soooo much in common it's crazy. We've been though some crazy shit this past 5 months and it'll keep getting crazier you just watch.
I think Kimmy came into my life at just the right time. She is the perfect person to get me through school. If it wasn't for her, I would be friggen screwed already. Kim keeps me in line and will always tell me the blunt, honest truth and I like it that way. She is constantly mean to me, but I can take it. We just said today how most girls couldn't handle us and that is why we are best friends.. Because we can handle each other most of the time. Kimberly knows everything there is to know about me for real. We talk about anything and everything.. A lot of the time it is innapropriate and about boys, but we're teenage girls so what do you expect?
She is living in Flint right now and you do not know how much it blows. I am used to having her a short 20 minute car ride away. Now it's more like an hour and a half and it reallly sucks. I can not wait for her to come back here so we can move in together and have fun 24/7. We will be messin junk up fo sho. Kim and I have the best friendship you could possibly imagine and I love it. She has been with me for a lot of my firsts (ahem) and I know for a fact she will be with me through a lot more shit. I'm stuck with her at this point and I don't mind at all. She is one of those friends you meet at school and you keep forever and ever amen.
I love Kimberly Lindsay King because:
She keeps me in line. She is brutely honest all the time. She knows what's up about everything. She is the most fun person ever. She will always be there. She has and will continue to help me through all of my good and bad times. She and I always have fun together no matter what we're doing. She is tough as nails. She understands me. She is beautiful. She and I can talk for hours and hours on end. She and I never have awkward moments. She will always be there for me no matter what. She loves me.

The Love Of My Life.

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