July 29, 2011

Chipmunk Cheek Status.

If you ever have to get your wisdom teeth out, I feel sorry for you. Honestly one of the most painful/scary/sucky things that could happen to you.
First off, being put under scared the living heck out of me. Putting the IV in my arm? Worst feeling ever. I hate needles and feeling one burst into my vein freaked me out. I'm not even gonna lie.. I was bawling because I was scared shitless.
So, I wake up and have noooo clue where I am or how I got there. A nurse was trying to talk to me about caring for my teeth and the procedure while I was just sitting there clueless trying to come back from Lala land. I go home feeling alright. I take a nap and wake up feeling nothing. Then the numbness wears off and I feel like ripping someone's head off. On top of that, the meds they gave me for the pain made me sick. Yay for throwing up, heat flashes and complete and utter dizziness.
These last few days have been bad.. The pain getting worse and me looking even more like a chimpmunk. Awesome. The worst part of this whole experience though? Trying to find things I can actually eat. I can't chew yet, so it's mostly soft, easy to swallow things. I swear, though, if I have to eat one more pudding or jell-o cup, I think I might hurl.
Vicodin, Mashed Potatoes and The Help = New Best Friends.

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