June 21, 2011


People need to  learn to mind their own business and stay out of mine. That would be lovely.

Missing people and annoyed.

Life’s just one big competition. One fight after another, from competitions get the best grades or to get the highest IQ to competing to be the prettiest or have the most relationships, or who loses their virginity first. You have to go through life proving yourself, proving that you are the strongest emotionally and physically, proving that you’re good enough to speak to bitches who think they’re too good for you. We’re all wasted. No time to just sit back, relax and have fun because we all know that if we do, we’ll be screwed afterwards. Nowadays everything is about qualifications, numbers and letters on a piece of paper, that were decided by just another test, on things we spend our whole childhood learning, just to forget later in life, after the tests and the bullshit. But truth is, there’s no end to the tests and the bullshit, it’s relentless. We spend or whole life working for ‘tomorrow’ day after day, we never stop and ask when it will all end and what you’re working towards. To leave money for your children? They’ll leave it for theirs, and so on. It’s just pointless. Who are these people to judge us, to tell us what we can and can’t do? We can literally do what the hell we want. But yes, there’ll be consequences. They can’t control us, we’re already tamed, waiting for that moment to stop working, stop thinking, and just stop trying. Don’t wait for people to verify you, don’t try to please others, do what you want, make yourself happy. Stop caring.

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