April 11, 2011

Second Family.

So, this winter, I got the greatest opportunity ever. My high school basketball coach asked me to help with the team this year. I didn't even have to think twice.. I was going to do it. I really didn't even care if I got paid or got any credit.. I just wanted to help and play basketball at the same time.
So my duties were to go to practices, where I helped in drills and scrimmages and sometimes stayed after to help girls with skills. I also went to all of the games, home and away. This became a big part of my life this winter and took up most of my time as you could imagine. I ended up loving every second of it. My dreammm is to coach varsity basketball when I grow up and get a job and I got to practice with this group of girls. The season didn't go picture perfect.. They actually went 0-21, but it was still an amazing season.

This group of girls.. Straight up amazing. I love every single one of them. They became my second family this winter. The two seniors on the team were like my sisters. I got to play with them last year and got to watch them grow and not gonna lie, cried with them on senior night and after our last game. I probably sound like a total cheeseball right now, but these girls became a huge part of my life. I miss practicing with them everyday and watching their games and helping out.

The banquet is tonight and this will be one of the last times we can all get together. Yup, pretty sure imma cry yet again. I'm a baby, it's totally cool.

Yep, that's them. My second Family.

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