April 7, 2011

He sings, I swoon.

Guys who can sing? Oh heavens.. My downfall.

Guys who can sing + play guitar or piano? Even better. I've sworn up and down that the guy I end up marrying will either be able to sing and play guitar or sing and play piano. You can hold me to that too because it's going to happen. Have I met him yet? Nahhh. I mean, kind of. He's cute, can sing, think's i'm cute, and super nice. Sadly, he is off-limits. He's my best friend's best friend and she says we can't date unless we get married (which I so wouldn't mind) because she wouldn't know who to side with if it didn't work out. Bummer because I just want to melt when I hear him sing. I mean, I'll survive.. But I can still admire from afar right?

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