February 5, 2011


Why do people care so much about what other people do?
Golden question right? Well I've been thinking about this a bit today. Quite stupid if you ask me, but oh well I guess. I have also been thinking about how dumb some guys can be. So here is me, venting about my night in a nutshell last night.
 So I say:
- If you don't need to be involved in a situation, don't get involved. Simple enough right? Not for some people appearantly..
- Don't be totally gay if you do decide to get involved when you really shouldn't be in the first place, actually talk it out instead of being totally lame.
- Don't hate just because you're jealous.
- It would help if some certain people weren't so hot and cold about how they are feeling day to day. It would also help if you let people know how you're feeling sometimes. Or just be nice all the time. Either one would work.
- Don't ruin a perfectly good friendship over something so stupid.
- Talk, talk, talk. Talk about what is bothering you instead of just saying bye and avoiding the whole situation. Duh.
- Don't try and act all tough when I know for a fact you do want to talk about it.
- Don't be a total hypocrite. No one likes a hypocrite. Especially a reallly bad hypocrite.

So, to this boy I'm talking about: It's not my fault you were so hot and cold with me. Maybe if I knew you would care so much, last night would have gone completly different. You let me know you cared a little too late with no previous sign that you cared a tiny bit about me at all. So in my offense, it is really isn't my fault my actions last night were so damaging to you. I really had no idea. And to be honest, I still don't get where you're coming from here. I mean.. Do you care about me right now or were you just jealous so you said you did care so I would feel worse? To say the least, I'm just a little confused right now. And to be honest, I don't want to lose you as a friend. So, please forgive me.
Yes, I wish I could really say this.. But he won't listen.

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