September 25, 2011

It's The Eyes.

So there's this kid. I just met him earlier this year. We see each other every weekend. We flirt with each other everytime. To me, he seems like one of the nicest guys ever. He makes me laugh everytime we talk and it's easy conversation.
But you want to know the best part about this kid? Besides his humor and smile and wittiness and everything? His eyes. They skinnnnn me aliiiiiveee. Literally the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I could just stare into them all day. I do stare into them quite often and he always asks what I'm staring at. I tell him his eyes, he asks why, and I just say I can't help it. They're amazing.. And the reason I started talking to this kid in the first place. I'm glad it happened though. He's got some potential. Coming from me, that means a whole lot. I'm not the boyfriend type.. But I could be for this kid.
He kissed me this weekend. Sealed the freaking deal for me. I want this kid. Bad. Not in that way, but I want to hang out with him more and see him more. I wouldn't mind more kisses from him either. Just sayin.
Moral of this story? A boy who lets you fall asleep on his chest on the couch while playing with your hair and kissing your forehead = Winner.

Goodness. Such a cheesy post.. I apologize.

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