August 24, 2011

Jumbled Thoughts.

Why are you drawn to douchebags? Seriously though, why do you want to even get involved with the self-proclaimed "bad boy" when you know it's such a bad idea? You probably guess it's somewhat of a rebellion. Everyone is telling you not to go there, but you're just so tempted you can't help but go there to spite everyone telling you no. You know he's not that great of a person and may not tell you the whole truth all the time, but you're willing to look past all of this. Why? Because you always have a good time when you're with him. Sweet.. You think potentially getting hurt and wasting your time is worth a good time? Then keep doing what you're doing and keep hanging out with him. Even though you know it's an awful idea, bad timing, old news and just plain wrong.. keep hanging out with him. That seems like a great idea right? Honestly, why are you even attracted to the kid? He acts like a 14 year old boy most of the time. He acts super sweet and charming when you're alone with him, but around a big crowd? Forget it. All that charm is gone and he goes back to being the douchebag you know he really is. Why don't you just give up on him already? You're paying more attention to the charming side of him instead of the douchebag part. That charming part really draws you in. The little quirks he has that you secretly like. All those looks you share when you're with a bunch of people and you catch each other's eye? Not worth it. Don't go there. Head says no, Heart says yes. Stupid jumbled thoughts.

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