May 27, 2011

Working For The Weekend?

I wish. I'm working ON the weekend. Every weekend. I feel like I need a break soon. Work is consuming most of my time and taking over my life. I'm missing everything.. My brother's lacrosse games, sister's soccer games, family parties, cousin's graduation party, my best friends. Everything!
So I'm praying, hoping, crossing my fingers here that June will be better than May. That I won't be working 25 hours a day. That I get to see all of my best friends. That I have some actual free time. That I can hang out with my family. That I can have vacations. That I can just enjoy life.. Because that is what I need more than anything right now.

So here's to a better month in June.
p.s. My HB comes in a week. I'm beyond pumped. Yeahh booooi.

1 comment:

  1. wooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i;m so happy i'm mentioned! i don't think michigan is prepared for this.