May 4, 2011

Hurry Up May!

May just needs to hurry it's butt up and be done already.. I want to see my Hose Buddy :)

I cannot wait for June. This means a whole month with Cassidy Amy VanSolkema. This also means...

Bellavinos errday, Hooters trips (so we can apply and start workin), sleep overs, Hot Topic stops, coloring our hair some other crazy color, making a crap ton of bracelets like always, driving around aimlessly and ending up somewhere fun, taco bell trips, picking people up, hiding from someone in particular, messing junk up, avoiding knocking some people's lights out in GR even though it is sooo tempting, hhhhhonda hooooonda honnnnda hondddda hondaaaa, laying outside at night all night, bonfires, grand haven trips, taking 7281946 pictures, get more tats? nahhh, even more Bellavinos probably more than once a day, and soooo much more.

Obviously, as you can tell, i cannot wait. Please please June hurry and get here. I'm begging you.

here's this picture that's not even us since we have no functional pictures together.

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