April 26, 2011

So Springy.

I am just happy right now. Why you ask? Because of a few things..

- It's warm & rainy outside right now. Best. Weather. Ever.
- The windows are open and it smells like spring outside. I love it.
- Bath & Body Works lotion.
- Being at my best frand's house for 2 days straight.
- Tomorrow is my last day of my first year of college = SUMMER.
- Nail polish and painting nails. Always makes me happy.
- Being comfy. Yoga pants and a sweatshirt is blisssssful.
- I'm in the mood for slushies. I could drink them all day, every day.
- I was just looking at graphics. Yet another thing that always makes me happy.
- MUSIC. real good music.
- Taking a freakin take-home exam. Easy as pie.
- It's baseball season.
So many reasons to be happy. Happy Spring/Summer.

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